March 27th 2021 marks the one year anniversary since we lost our darling Stephen. It is hard to believe that nearly a year has passed since that terrible night when he was taken from us so suddenly by Covid 19, and our lives changed forever. Who would believe a year on so many other families would have suffered so much like ours?


It has been an extremely difficult year for the whole world, but for those who have had to grieve it has been that much harder. We have not had the chance to be together to mourn in a supported way and this has made the grieving process that much harder.


For the past 8 months we have been creating a Wellbeing project, to support those grieving, in loving memory of Stephen.


When Stephen died, we did not know where to turn to manage our grief. We needed help to talk, learn how to breathe, and to be able to sleep comfortably again. We identified a need for a service to support the Wellbeing and Mental Health of bereaved families.


We are supporting and working with Grief Encounter, a charity that provides a lifeline for bereaved children and young people, to create Wellbeing services for bereaved families, extending the range of services and options available to help families manage their grief.


Donations made to “The Stephen Okrent Shared Grief Foundation” Just Giving Page will support the essential services of Grief Encounter and help trial and develop Wellbeing support for bereaved families in a variety of ways, including:

  • Andrew Ansell-Forsyth Sleep Counselling Service

  • Group Counselling sessions

  • Yoga / Mindfulness

  • Art/Drama therapy

  • Create journals for therapy

  • Shared Grief Memorial Wall (in loving memory of Stephen Okrent). We envisage this page to be two-fold:

    • A place where people could light a memorial candle with a donation in the memory of someone they have lost and upload a photo/message

    • A From You Page: this will be a place to share music we love, stories, poetry, or your story.


Our family will be working with Grief Encounter to support the delivery of, and income towards, these new services. To enable the charity to plan and develop their services with increased confidence, we are pledging an ongoing commitment of financial support and striving to raise over £150,000. These funds will help pay for the above new services and other existing services provided by Grief Encounter with an end goal of setting up a Grief Encounter Wellbeing Centre.


We would be so grateful if you would click on the JustGiving link on the Home Page to support this project and reach our funding goal.